My name is Anastasia Andreevna Sukhorukova, I am a private psychologist with a medical education in Kiev.

I have been practicing since 2010. The last few years I have been conducting exclusively private psychological practice. But before that I worked in organizations, clinics.

It is the presence of medical knowledge and work experience in the field of medicine that allows me to be effective not only in classical psychological queries, but also in working with psychosomatics and supporting patients with a psychiatric profile.

I was born in Germany in 1990. She was always very curious, self-absorbed. In my close circle there were only a couple of people whom I could trust. It doesn’t matter how many people were around - I could be there alone or find one or two interlocutors.

So there was an internal search - a search for answers to multiple questions about yourself. Sometimes it gave joy, sometimes it hurt. In my life there was such a period of “calm” and adaptation to family rules. There was a period of bright rebellion. To date, I have found the long-awaited balance and continue to explore myself, the world, the people around me - to live!

Let me tell you a little more about how I decided to become a psychologist:

In my life, as in yours, there were very difficult times. There was violence, there was physical trauma, loneliness. Just like you, I went into myself, into work, into fantasy ... In order not to be in reality, where I feel bad. I know what loneliness and depression are. I know the desire to "let it end as you like, but sooner." I understand how unbearable it is in my anxiety and how difficult it is to describe in words what is happening inside.

And how important it is for someone to understand this without words, and be there. I was able to cope with this with my psychotherapist. Since then, she has put a lot of effort and desire to become a good psychotherapist too. It is my own experience of trauma and psychotherapy that allows me to do my job well. I will stay with you in the most difficult stories, in the most painful situations. I am not afraid of difficult cases and scary stories.

It is really important for me that you feel comfortable and safe next to me and move at your own pace. Therefore, I adhere to several important work of principles:

  • конфиденциальность - I guarantee you non-disclosure of all
    full information and session materials;
  • mood - I feel sincere interest and desire to help you and you feel it;
  • invalidity - I do not give ratings to your actions, decisions, thoughts;
  • safety - I guarantee you a safe working environment and important stories;
  • competence - You can get copies of documents about education and be sure that I work exclusively with what I understand.
Psychologist Sukhorukov

In addition to psychology, there are a number of other interesting activities in my life. For example, rock climbing and mountaineering, contemporary art and classical music, hiking in the cities, delicious tea and travel in the mountains. So I have fun and support myself in the hard work of a psychotherapist :)

Like this. It is important for me to be honest with my clients. Therefore, I am enclosing below information about my qualifications and competencies as a psychologist:


  • Kiev Slavic University, Department of Psychology. Specialty: practical psychologist.
  • NMU them. O.O. Bogomoltsya, Department of Medical Psychology. Specialty: psychologist
  • European and Ukrainian Transactional Analysis Association (EATA / UATA): member of the association, psychologist using transactional analysis methods.
  • many additional courses and skills (body therapy, psychosomatics, metaphorical associative cards, etc.)

At the moment, I am in the process of obtaining specialization in working in such a deep and subtle method as integrative psychotherapy by Richard Erskine.

What makes me a good psychologist for you?

The quality of psychotherapy depends on how much I manage my life myself. The introduction of my personal troubles into our work with you is inadmissible. My problems should not be reflected on you.

To this end, I do the following:

  • getting personal therapy;
  • I receive supervision (professional support from a recognized and certified supervisor - a very experienced and specially trained psychotherapist);
  • I attend interventions (inter-collegial professional interaction);
  • regularly undergo training, get new skills and hone old ones;
  • I take part in conferences and seminars.

I am for the opportunity to understand and hear yourself, because you can come for a consultation and listen to yourself - how are you next to me?

If it will be comfortable and useful for you, we will agree on therapy.

I ask you not to be indifferent to yourself or your loved ones and to handle for changes when you need them! My goal is to help you cope.

I really hope that the above was useful to you and you can more confidently seek help!

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