Webinar "Toxic Relationships"

Date 2020-10-09-2020-10-09

Are you familiar with a relationship like a suitcase without a handle? Do you know what is intolerable in a relationship and the fear of being left without them? Then sign up for the Toxic Relationships webinar and finally understand how to make a difference.

I call toxic relationships that cause internal discomfort and often do not find a logical conclusion. This is an insecure relationship where relationship needs are not satisfied and feelings and experiences are devalued. Usually, the roles in such relationships change and yesterday's victim in any name can become the aggressor, while the aggressor will appeal to feelings of guilt.

For example, one partner experiences toxic, life-toxic feelings (fear, guilt, suppressed anger, shame) and cannot find a solution.

If at least one of them feels bad and the situation moves in a circle, we are talking about a toxic relationship.

This can apply to both personal life and any other area of ​​communication.

These are the cases when one of the partners humiliates, oppresses, destroys the other, and the other suffers.

It's about how a vicious circle of forgiveness and promises, false hopes and disappointments is formed.

We will talk about deep things, about strong feelings and the substitution of the concepts of "love" and "dependence."

If for some reason it is important for you to understand the psychology of such relationships - come!

🔹Conditions of participation:

- unlimited number of seats Start with 5 people duration - 3-3,5 hours💰Price:

- on prepayment: 500 UAH

- if paid on the day of the seminar: 600 UAH

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