Coronavirus: stop panic and take care of yourself

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As a doctor, I cannot help but react to the fresh wave of panic about the coronavirus. I am very pleased that most of my clients understand the importance of prevention and are not being fooled by the misinformation that we can get from social networks. However, I would like to take some care of you and give you some important information.

Coronavirus in terms of medicine

So, briefly about the important:

  • coronavirus is a group of viruses that cause a huge number of diseases. Their symptoms range from signs of a common cold to gastrointestinal tract disorders and severe respiratory illnesses;
  • scientists and doctors are stuck because previously the SARS-CoV-2 virus strain was not found in humans. And, as you know, people and animals have a number of differences 😉
  • COVID-19 is the name of a disease associated with a virus. The mortality rate from COVID-19 is 20-30 per thousand diagnosed people.
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 are very diverse and ambiguous, like any new disease. Among the symptoms registered in all sick people are dry cough, fatigue and fever (temperature above 39). In more serious cases, severe pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis, and septic shock develop.
  • The method of infection is airborne (coughing, sneezing, breathing). According to preliminary data, one to two people who are ill can infect two to three people.
  • The risk group includes elderly people (according to statistics, almost 30% of deaths occurred in people aged 70+). Take care of your loved ones.

As you can see, everything has already been and there is nothing really catastrophic. We can handle it. If we follow reasonable precautions.

Yes, in fact, specific treatment does not yet exist, it is in the process of development. Therefore, it’s too early to relax. But it is also not worthwhile to exert excessive efforts.

Yes, the Ukrainian authorities have introduced quarantine throughout the country, which can cause social tension, anxiety, and severe stress. And all these three conditions are a much stronger risk factor than what is banned.

Interesting statistics

Here is the incidence rate in the world in real time. Naturally, with errors. But adds optimism. Almost 50% of patients recovered. The rest is in the process.

And here you can get the latest statistics on the situation in Europe with forecasts:

And here there are curious statistics on the growth in the number of diseases and other interesting fatcore:

Panic is more dangerous than coronavirus

Now, as in any other difficult time, hoaxes, escalation and concealment of information are popular. Sometimes it benefits the collective unconscious, sometimes it harms. It’s important to rely on something

So, what can you do for yourself, within reason, to protect yourself from the virus?

  • Wash hands before eating, after the street and disinfect them after public transport. In my opinion, this is useful not only in the case of an epidemic situation in the world.
  • Drink seasonal vitamins, in the right combinations, without spraying on multivitamin complexes that do not make sense. Yes, many studies show the inefficiency of vitamins. But I, from my own experience and the experience of my clients, I can say that the normal ratio of vitamins and minerals in the body play a significant role in maintaining the nervous system and immunity. Both that and another will surely be necessary for you.
  • Try to normalize your schedule to minimize stress and maximize relaxation. This is also useful to always do. But now especially, because chronic fatigue syndrome is manifested, among other things, by a decrease in the body's defenses.
  • There is no point buying medical masks. They must be changed or steamed every 2 hours. After this time, they become more dangerous than protective.
  • If you are going to visit crowded places, which from tomorrow until April 3 is not very legal, I recommend that you get a special medical respirator. Finding it is more difficult, and it is much more expensive, but it makes much more sense.
  • Concerning crowded places - it will be much better if you really will not devote them to at least the next two weeks. Indeed, with a positive air temperature, a large concentration of "breaths" and, accordingly, the release of viruses and bacteria, the chance of getting sick is much greater. Not necessarily a coronavirus, but you can definitely get sick with something.
  • Do not succumb to panic and do not rush to buy all the products at once in the store. Yes, now there will be very few food products and basic necessities on the shelves. The reason for this will not be the end of the world associated with coronavirus. The reason will be an elementary panic And the desire of the people to have time to take everything they need to their homes. Yes, there will be a shortage. It will be artificial and caused precisely by this panic. But if we all calm down and begin to think more rationally, everything is enough for everyone.
  • Get information on how the situation is developing in the world and in your country, track infographics. This will help you understand how truly dangerous the situation is. We are all well aware that the media will do more harm than good. In order for an article to be read, the headline must trigger an emotional reaction. This is waiting for us in the near future.
  • If you feel sick, it’s best to stay home. Again, this is a good idea not only during the coronavirus epidemic. Consult a doctor, follow the instructions, do not rely on traditional medicine and artisanal methods of treatment. Timeliness is the main condition for a full recovery. No job can be more important than your health.

Do not forget!

Information is a factor in reducing anxiety in any situation. Get as much verified information as possible about how the virus manifests itself and is transmitted, what its incubation period is, how long it is contagious, and how it goes. Read trusted sources, which may be the website of the World Health Organization and other professional sources of information.

At the heart of the fear of coronavirus is the fear of death. Let's look at the root. We are afraid of death normally and we are always afraid of it. But when something really bad happens, this fear is felt stronger. Which is also natural. To help yourself cope with coronavirus anxiety, stop fighting anxious thoughts and switch to valuable things - family, loved ones, self-development, spiritual values.

It is important to stay in reality. Mostly older people die from the coronavirus, and the mortality rate is only 2,5%. Yes, I know that more than 800 people died in Italy. And more than a thousand have recovered. Remember this.

As a psychologist, I can say that it is completely normal, anxious and afraid in a situation of general panic and regular reports of death. It is important to stay in reality and interact with it, and not with terrible fantasies about what might happen or has already happened in the world of people and viruses.

To strengthen your adult analytical part, I recommend reading:

Take care and be healthy!

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