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Self-abuse as a way of life

Self-development is wonderful. It is important and necessary to develop useful skills in oneself, to get rid of unnecessary attitudes. However, self-development is increasingly equated with self-discipline. But in fact - it is a way of destructive violence against oneself. Why am I so categorical in this phrase? I believe that any change should begin with the possibility of self-acceptance. In order to …

psychological drivers

What does motivation consist of, or How to start doing something?

Surely from time to time you ask yourself the question: “But what is it? Why isn’t it possible ?! ”Bearing in mind various aspects of life: getting married, getting a new job, learning a foreign language, losing weight, quitting smoking ... whatever! Our motivation is based on two mechanisms - conscious and unconscious. If the first one can be easily “pumped over” by trainings and ...

3 steps to a conscious life

Remember, a little earlier we talked about what tricky ways our psyche is forced to seek in order to survive in reality? We discussed this in the article “Avoiding Living: 5 Ways to Do, Not Be.” Let me remind you that we usually run away from life to work, spontaneous relationships, the same spontaneous self-development, or to the rationalization of experiences.

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